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The Robert Frost Farm. The Robert Frost Farm, Derry, New Hampshire, which was home to Robert Frost and his family from 1900-1911.
Robert Frost’s homestead in Franconia, New Hampshire. The Frost Place was founded in 1976 by a group of neighbors around the farmhouse where Robert Frost and his family lived from 1915 to 1920 and spent nineteen summers.
The Stone House. Frost lived in the Stone House in South Shaftsbury, Vermont from 1920 to 1929. He wrote “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” at the dining room table on a hot June morning in 1922.
The Gulley. The Robert Frost Farm in South Shaftsbury, known as The Gully, was closely associated with the poet’s life and work between 1929 and 1938. While this was his residence, he received two Pulitzer Prizes, in 1931 for Collected Poems and in 1937 for A Further Range.
Homer Noble Farm in Ripton, Vermont was Frost’s summer residence, located near the Bread Loaf School. Until his death in 1963, he spent the summer and fall of each year here. Springs were spent at Cambridge, Massachusetts and winters at the New England style bungalow that he built on rural land at Coral Gables, Florida.
Bungalow At the time Robert Frost lived in Beaconsfield, England (1913 and 1914), he corresponded with the English poet Frank S. Flint, who lived in London. These letters, published in this essay, illustrate the mutually constructive friendship the two men shared.
Robert Frost at Bread Loaf .A great collection of letters, manuscripts, photographs and more. An Online Exhibit presented by Special collections at Middlebury College.
Frost exhibit, University of Virginia.
The copy of The Gift Outright. The poem Frost read on John F Kennedy’s inauguration.
The Bancroft Library’s Louis Mertins Collection of Robert Frost contains many rare and important items, including some 30 photographs. Some shown here. Louis Mertins was a poet and admirer who became Robert Frost’s friend and frequent host from 1932 until Frost’s death in 1963.
This issue of Harpers Magazine carries the picture of the actual Mending Wall.
Bronze sculpture of Robert Frost by sculptor George Lundeen located on campus of Saint Louis University near Pius XII Library. The sculpture shows Frost writing “The Road Not Taken”.
Photographs of Frost’s grave at Old Bennington Cemetery, Bennington, Vermont.
Article by Frost’s granddaughter on the relationship between Frost and Helen Thomas in the poet’s later years.
E-text of some of the letters that Frost wrote to the English poet Frank Flint (in 1913 and 1914). Provide insight into Frost’s mind and life during this formative time in England.
Frost’s obituary in the New York Times (requires registration).
News stories
Intruders vandalized Frost’s in Ripton home. December 31, 2007
New York Times story. CNN story.
MSN story. Poetic justice for teens who trashed Frost’s Ripton home.
Landmark tree felled on Robert Frost farm. September 29, 2007. An old, but living link to poet’s history will fall. The poem “Tree at My Window” is considered to be a homage to that particular tree.
Vermont Public Radio News. May 28, 2008. New tree to be planted at Robert Frost Farm in June.
Flip side of Frost. This is a review of The Collected Prose of Robert Frost. Frost wrote to his son, ‘you can say a lot in prose that verse won’t let you say’.
Announcement by Dartmouth that Robert Frost’s private talks with Dartmouth students will be published for the first time, beginning with the printing of the Oct. 23, 1947, lecture, “Sometimes It Seems as If,” in the February issue of Literary Imagination.

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The Road Not Taken

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