The Road Not Taken Stories

The poem, The Road Not Taken has inspired people from all walks of life. People have been motivated to take risks, do things differently and follow instinct and their heart’s desire when faced with a choice in life. Some of those who went up the road less traveled, have wonderful stories to share. They write in to tell us how and why they chose a road less traveled and how they have fared.

Some Road Not Taken Messages

Olive Moochler, Annapolis, Maryland: My “Road not Taken” story began thirty-one years ago with the birth of our son with special needs. What a fulfilling adventure it has been! As we searched for causes for his disability, I learned about Fragile X, the leading inherited cause of mental retardation and developmental delays. I explored alternative medicine, and I discovered the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia. I also learned about homeopathy, auditory integration training, and sensory integration. Though not the conventional route, each “road” taken has turned out to be the right one and, while I often wonder what adventures other roads might have yielded, I look back without regret, confident that our son wouldn’t be where he is today had we not made that first choice to take the road less traveled. We have also met incredible people on our journey that we would certainly not have met on any other roads.

One of my former students interviewed me for a biography project she was doing for an eighth grade English class last year. In addition to answering her questions, I gave her a copy of the poem and told her to read it. She not only read it, she used it in her paper as a metaphor for my life. I now give it to all of my seventh grade students to expose them to Frost’s poetry and encourage them to think for themselves.

Kevin Johnston: In a small way you have warmed the heart of a young woman stricken with cancer being treated at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. She is on the road not taken, and that has made ALL the difference. Thank you for taking the time to share the works and life of Frost with the world. My best in whatever dreams you have for the future. My dreams are for her to continue down the road finding health and me at the end.
Thanks again. Kevin Johnston

Rosabel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: I read about “Road Not Taken” in a newspaper one day when I was having my lunch break about four years ago. I was really impressed and I was so touched by it..”I took the one less traveled by”…and changed my life. I was inspired to start my journey to go after my dream that I’ve been holding on for years. Before I read the poem, I was still in the midst of making decision – the usual way or the unusual way? I took the latter. I’m happy that I’ve made the right decision, because I found my passion and desire of living! The poem from the newspaper is still kept in front of my workplace. It is my inspiration to encourage me to make my first step.

Lucas McClain, Selmer, Tennessee: I love the fact that you guys have this page! It is so awesome. I am sixteen, and I started reading Frost’s poetry when I was twelve, and I have not put it down. It has inspired me so much, that I have started writing poetry my self, and am also in the process of writing a new book, that I hope to be finished with by the beginning of next year. Thanks so much you guys; and thank you, too, Robert Frost, for inspiring me to make something of my life. I am so happy!

Sankaran S., India: Thank you for a wonderful section – Road Not Taken Story. I first read the poem way back in my school days, 1996 I guess. At that time it was just a wonderful poem to me, little did i know the profound realities in which the poem was rooted. Recently i decided to apply to a B-school and was penning the essay when i remembered the poem. I could now understand the true meaning it carried. It has been an inspiration to me and will always be through my life.

Deborah: I am grateful that you have this site. I have enjoyed Frost’s poetry since I was a child, and now, at mid-life am finding that the Road Not Taken continues to reverberate deeply. I am using it to send out a flyer to my family and friends about a life-stage change I am making – I am heading off to Divinity School and then onto doctoral work. Thank you for creating this site. Its clean, clear style and simplicity mirrors the selected author’s signature characteristic. All the Best, D. April 10, 2000

Kenny: The Road Not Taken gave me something I have needed for a long time. This poem gave me the hope to carry on to bigger and higher places. Such as, a higher understanding of my existence. Every night I slowly peruse the works of Frost and recite lines to the elderly people of St. Vincent’s Home. April 25, 2000

Edbaja, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines: The webpage is very informative. It helps one appreciate poetry. With commentary and essays relative to the poem, one can readily grasp the “core” of the poem. I’m talking about THE ROAD NOT TAKEN. You see, I’m planning to join a monastery here in the Philippines and the poem clearly illustrates/manifested the choice I’ll make (that of spending my life in secluded place, apart from the chaos of the outside world, instead of marrying and starting a family to carry on God’s purpose of creation. January 6, 2002

Elizabeth Reece, Phoenix Arizona: The Road Not Taken has been my favorite since 1978 when my high school choral teacher presented this as our final piece for the year. We spent rehearsal time studying this piece. It was time that ultimately shaped my life. We did not miss the “hint” regarding “sighing” over life’s decisions. So now, 23 years later, I have very few regrets over choices I’ve made. April 12, 2002

Brad Morris, Tucson, AZ: “The Road Not Taken” I first experienced this poem in High school Choir, and since then, have lived with the words running through My head, everyday. It has become my way of life that allows me to make clear decisions about where I want to go, and who is in control of my life. This Poem opened my eyes, my heart, and my soul to God and what he wants me to do. Yet if you ask my co workers about me, they will say that I have a certain self assurance about the direction my life is going, and that looking back and second guessing is not something I do… And that has made all the difference! August 11, 2003

Petrit Skende, Worcester, Massachusetts: Although English is not my native language, R.Frost became for me a kind of childhood beloved poet; his subtle verses full of thought, romanticism and freshness remind me of my distant country of origin where I could not discover him but was just dreaming to know somehow more about the poetry of my future homeland. In that tiny country ,Albania, where so many human sufferings were present for about 50 years, I knew only poetry of Longfellow and Whitman, in a superb translation of two Albanian writers (educated in America).If a had have known “The Road not Taken” I could understand in a very special way my father, an American citizen, whom I tormented with my question “Why you, an American, remained here?” .And he “with a sigh” could not explain that was peace and suddenly a terrible war and this made the difference. I wish I could see R.Frost in Albanian. August 2, 2003

James Gorry: Excellent site. I was impressed at the ease of use and content. The road not taken was first read to me and several hundred other employees as we where notified of our company CEO that it was closing down. To this day I have this verse hanging on my wall as a reminder of how time waits for no one. June 10, 2004

Robert O. Brown: I love this site!! Read about it in the newspaper. Have admired Frost’s works for many years, and have visited his gravesite in Bennington, VT. often. Years ago, I wrote down, “The Road Not Taken” and mailed it to my daughter in school at New England Deaconess Hospital and the student nurses had it on the first page of their yearbooks, which made me very happy. Keep up your good work, and thank you. Sincerely, Bob Brown. April 21, 2000

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